Dr. Ali Tukmatchy

Dr. Ali Tuckmatchy


Dermatologist and Venereologist

About Dr. Ali Tuckmatchy

Dr. Ali Al Tukmatchy has over 36 years of experience in Dermatology. He graduated in 1971 from the Medical College/Baghdad University. His residency in dermatology was accomplished at the Medical City Teaching Hospital in Baghdad. He received his Masters Degree (Msc) in dermatology and venerealogy from Kasr Al Aini Teaching Hospital/Cairo University in 1978. Appointed as Dermatologist in the Department of Health and Medical Services/Department of Dermatology in 1979, by 1980, he attained the position of Specialist Dermatologist. Not content to rest there, the following year Dr. Ali joined the Liverpool Infirmary Hospital/UK to obtain the Diploma in Venereology from Liverpool University.

What’s more, he established the Dermatology clinic in Al Zahra Private Hospital, Sharjah, in 1982, the first private hospital in the UAE. Dr. Ali joined the medicentres team in 2006 as a Visiting Specialist Dermatologist. An “International fellow“of The American Academy of Dermatology since 1985, Dr Ali has also been a member of The International Society of Dermatology since 1984.

  • Degree: MBChB, MSC (Derm.Ven) DiP.Ven (UK)
  • Speciality: Dermatologie and Venereology
  • Locations: Motorcity, Jumeirah Park, The Greens