Dr. Naima Bawany

Dr. Naima Bawany


General Dentist

About Dr. Naima Bawany

Dr. Naima Bawany is part of the dental team at Medicentres. She particularly likes working with children and has a special interest in aesthetic dentistry.

She holds a postgraduate certificate in Laser Dentistry and is qualified to carry out ‘Pain Free Dentistry’ in UAE. Laser dentistry is the new upcoming field in dentistry which involves treatment where Anesthesia is not always needed. With the help of Lasers we can treat many problems which are usually contraindicated due to age and underlying medical conditions and promote early healing because it removes all bacteria from the wound site. Low Lever Laser Therapy is another method of taking care of TMJ related problems, aphthous ulcers and promoting bone healing in the cases of implants.

She is also one of the few dentists in the UAE qualified to use the Inman aligner and Invisalign. Both of these are different methods of straightening teeth without the need of braces to be placed on the

Dr Naima is specifically interested in Smile Makeovers, can use Lumineers and other new products to create a permanently bright smile. She also can provide ‘Snap on Smile’ which is one of the leading technologies to give you a smile without any permanent changes in the teeth structure.

  • Degree: BDS (PK), SE (UK)
  • Speciality: General Dentist – Pediatric Dentist
  • Locations: Motorcity