Dr. Samia Ghouse

Dr. Samia Ghouse


Specialist in Orthodontist

About Dr. Samia Ghouse

Dr. Samia is a specialist orthodontist and dento-facial orthopedist. Her academic background and vast experience gained over the past seven years have given her the right skills in planning effective orthodontic treatments for both children and adults. She works closely with her patients to assess the condition, and provide you simple explanation and options tailored for your specific malocclusion. She is dedicated to create confident smiles for patients of all ages, using the latest orthodontic techniques. As well as providing the very highest standards of private care. Completed her postgraduate training in Orthodontics & Dento-facial orthopedics at Chongqing Medical University,PRC china, in 2008, after earning her BDS from the Rajiv Gandhi University,India, in 2004. She has done advanced courses to stay updated in her field in Ebraces-Lingual orthodontics, use of micro implant anchorage, clear aligners, latest techniques of smile designing from 3 M :Damon braces-smart clip, advance technology in decortication techniques to name a few.

She has a clinical expertise in orthodontic treatment with

  • Diagnosing malocclusion problem in “CHILDREN” as early as age 7 and treating with simple appliances to modify growth to prevent future orthodontic problems

  • Using metal and clear braces in young “TEENS” and providing them with beautiful smiles they wished for *Using latest techniques of ebraces, ceramic braces, invisalign, clear aligners etc in “ADULTS” who wishes beautiful smlies but are not willing to show braces.

  • Latest technique of “SIX MONTHS SMILES “using Accelerated Damon braces: smart clip systems.

  • Special Emphasis on Non-extraction treatment approach

  • Temporomandibular Joint disorders- Patients feeling pain and clicking due to irregularities in occlusion

  • Degree: BDS, MDS
  • Speciality: Specialist Orthodontist and Dento-facial Orthopedist
  • Locations: Jumeirah Park