Dr. Mona Hussain

Pediatric Physiotherapy Medicentres


Doctor of Physical Therapy

About Dr. Mona Hussain

Dr. Mona has Sixteen (16) years experience in practicing Pediatric Physical Therapy including Evaluation,
Examination, Diagnosis, Intervention, Monitoring progress and Prognosis of patients.

▪ Founder and Chairperson for annual Middle East Pediatric Physiotherapy Conference since 2016.

▪ Teaching workshops to Educate parents and caregivers.

▪ Knowledge of Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation, Schroth Therapy, Sensory Integration Treatment, NDT * Bobath techniques, Gait Training and Orthotic Prescription and Prescribing appropriate
assisted devices.

▪ Knowledge of Kinesiotaping Methods to offer adequate muscle support, strengthening and
muscle re-education.


  • Degree:  Pediatric Specialist Physiotherapist | Doctor of Physical Therapy (USA)
  • Specialty: Pediatric Physiotherapy
  • Locations: Motorcity, Jumeirah Park Pavilion