Spine and Sports Medicine


Spine and Sports Doctor

With preventative, curative and rehabilitative treatments to suit your specific requirements, the Spine and Sports Clinic  at Medicentres provides you with relief from musculoskeletal disorders, back, neck and joint pain as well as from sports injuries. These services can be combined with those offered by our chiropractors, medical massage therapists or exercise therapists.

At the Sports Medicine Clinic we provide three groups of services:


  • Morphological assessment or body analyses, which is known as Anthropometric evaluation. This involves the precise detection of your main body components and ensures periodical re-evaluation, depending on your goals or the implemented programme – weight management; body-toning or muscle building, for instance.

Sports ability assessment, which entails testing your ability and responses on a treadmill, as well as measuring your aerobic or anaerobic capacity using sub maximal or maximal tests.

Advice on rehydration, nutrition, and supplementation programs, whether you’re a competitive or non-competitive athlete.

Jet lag prevention and how you to minimize the effect of jet lag on long-distance flights.

Advice on hormone replacement therapy and how you can effectively use Ergogenic Aids in competitive sports.


  • Management of common osseo-muscular problems encountered in primary care, including lower back pain, shoulder pain, ankle/feet pain, and other osseo-muscular injuries and pathology.

  • Management of sports-related injuries in athletes and recreational patients, providing outpatient diagnosis and treatment, while in some cases we cover sports events on site.

Pain management of common sports-related or over-use injuries of the upper extremities such as tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, and impingement syndrome of the shoulder, among others.

Pain management and treatment for young athletes’ common growth-related conditions such as painful knee, heel, hips etc.


  • Organizing and performing injury-related or disorder-related Physiotherapy, with our dedicated Physiotherapy team. We utilize all proven and effective modalities to ensure the best solution, such as electrotherapy, thermotherapy, therapeutic ultrasound, soft lasers, muscle stimulators and TENS.

  • Close cooperation between doctors and physiotherapists as well as regular follow ups at the beginning, middle and end of your rehabilitation process.

Additional assessments with our Podiatrist, with the aim to fully restore lower limb function, prevent gait disorder or further repetitive injury of the same limb.

Ultimately, our final goal or target is: “Mens sana in corpore sano” – A healthy mind in a healthy body.