Well Woman Clinic-Well Man Clinic


Well Man Clinic

Our Well Woman/Well Man Clinics allow you to look after your long-term health and well being. We’ll help you stay healthy by identifying high-risk factors and any signs of early disease, before symptoms appear. You’ll also get advice on how to lower your risk of obtaining future conditions.

Wellness screening

  • Blood pressure

  • Pulse Weight

  • Height and BMI (body mass index)

  • Urine test: gives information about urinary tracts, and glucose (sugar)

  • Blood test for Electrolytes, Vitamin Profile, Diabetic Screen, Complete Hemogram, Liver profile, Lipid Profile, Renal profile, Iron deficiency, Thyroid profile, Cardiac risk markers, CA125, PSA

  • Lifestyle advice, general examination, medical history, Family Planning and HRT advice

  • Dental examination for oral health screening

  • Chest X-ray for respiratory disease screening

  • Breast Cancer screening for females Examination and mammogram of breasts

  • Cervical Cancer screening for females Pap smear test

  • ECG for males electrocardiogram for basic assessment of your heart

  • Prostate assessment for males through blood test

  • Ultrasound for males abdomen or scrotum